There’re hundreds of suppliers and thousands of products in this field in China. It takes plenty of times and money to find right factories and products. Hono offers a completebuying office solution whereby we can handle sourcing, quality control, shipping logistics as well as translation services for our clients. You just need tell us what you need. Let us do the job.


Over the past years, sampling for production has changed remarkably. Hono can offer various processes to help our clients to get regular samples and customized samples inthe fastest time. Our sampling services includes sales samples, pre-productionsamples and pre-shipment samples. Every step is to ensure the products meet clients’ request and standard. We also gather samples from different factories then send to clients by one time. It will save time and money for our clients.


For products made in China, both cost and prices keep increasing these years. How to control purchasing cost is important for oversea buyers. We know manufacturing cost and prices level for different products clearly, and can help our clients get better price. The market has becomeincreasingly competitive and tough. In the knowledge that our clients’ survivalis our survival, the Hono team is continuously putting effort into providing the right price quality ratio. Our network of manufactures, our expertise and knowledge, enable us to offerour clients the full benefits of China’s comparatively low production costs.


More and more clients want to make prototype sample before input molding for a completely new design. It's cautious and necessary step to aviod mistake on final molding. We provide quick prototyping services. After a 3D design made, we can help you turn it into prototypes in a short time and at low cost, by the method of 3D printing, CNC machining or silicon molding. We have different sources who can make prototypes with different material such as plastic, metal & silicon, and make different surface treament according to your demand.


We make preshipment inspections for every order from our clients. Actually our inspection job startfrom controlling material. Looking over the general production process as part of our daily duties. Preshipment inspection is one of most important circle. After such an inspection, a shipment can be released, or suspended until defectives are replaced or fixed. Hono also offers Online Inspections for our clients as an added service.

Assembly Overseeing

When it's the first time for you to work with a new supplier, or first time of production for new products, or there're some problems caused during assemblying, we consider it highly necessary to oversee the whole porcessing of assembly. We can provide the assembly overseeing services and on-line inspection service. It can make sure products assembled strickly under your standards.

Factory Audit

The Factory Audit helps our clients to evaluate a manufacturer’s ability to fulfill contractual obligations in terms of product quality, packaging, quantity and delivery. Overthe years, Hono has accumulated substantial knowledge of and experience with different factories, checking for their operation and management flaws. Our standard text reports are complemented with photos for reference to answer customers' specific concerns and demands. We can customize these reports and add check points according to our clients’ wishes.

OEM Services

Customized logo, color and design are acceptable.  Our OEM services includes a complete flow from designsinto real products. We provide services including but not limit: Engineering -Prototyping- Preproduction planning - Preproduction sampling- Functionalitytests- Food safety testing - - Packaging development. If you want to developany OEM products, please come to us. Somebody know-how on OEM development andnearby factories can improve the efficiency of your OEM project.

Custom & Shipping

We have plenty of knowledgeand experience in international custom and shipping. We also have several reliableforwarder partners to support us. We know Chinese custom regulation andprocedure well. All of these help us improve the efficiency of custom andshipping for clients. We can also provide off-shore warehousing services.

Afters-sales Services

For oversea buyers, it's no enough to get a successful supply chain just by visiting factories in China once or twice per year. Do you worry about something go wrong on your order? We act as the bridge between our clients and factories from beginning to the end. We will quick response for the problem and complaint from our clients at the soonest, and then talk with factory to provide solution for your any problem after sales. If necessary, we can visit factory in any time to solve problem, faceby face with factory.

Binjiang, Hangzhou, CN